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The Discovery Institute


The Discovery Institute: Negative Impacts Of Technology In Society

Technology has taken its toll in many ways that now people can't imagine life without it. People had forgotten what the world was like before technology came into the picture. Although technological innovations have been significantly advantageous in advancing the world, it has brought about some negative impacts. The world has become very much dependent on technology for functioning. First of all, mobile phones' invention has taken the attention of people tremendously that it is now hard to imagine life without it. People spend the entire day on cell phones that it has taken them away from spending time talking with their family and loved ones.

The Discovery Institute

Mobile phones and the use of other devices can be addictive. It not only keeps you aside from spending time talking with your family but also has other side effects. Spending too much time on devices can spoil your eyesight and body posture. It can also affect a person mentally. Social media, which is a result of technological advancement, has proven to affect people's lives in many ways, some of which can be positive and negative. Social media has become a platform where people are taken down for no reason, thus affecting one's mental health to a great extend.

Everything comes with a positive and negative effect when abused. Technology has much to do with digital innovations and machinery. When it comes to digital impacts on a person, it can cause health problems with difficulty in sleeping. The fact that digital devices can be addictive can develop insomnia in a person who spends too much time on digital devices. Also, ever since technology came into existence, office works and most of the other works can be done through computers and laptops, thus having no physical exercise, further leading to other health problems. To generate extra information on The Discovery Institute kindly head to https://www.discoverynj.org.

The Discovery Institute

Therefore it is clear that even though technology has benefited people in many ways, it still has negative effects. Speaking of technology and society, The Discovery Institute, based in Seattle, Washington, is an institute that focuses on a culture based on innovation and creativity. If you are interested in intelligent designs, you should check out the institute website. The Discovery Institute is all about how science and technology play a vital role in shaping the culture and free markets.

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